Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are included in the rental price?
In the majority of cases the rental price includes collision damage waiver, third party liability protection, tax, airport fee, unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance.

Please note that the costs included may vary depending on the car rental agent and destination country.

The car rental agent may also choose to ask you for a deposit or excess at the rental desk.

Make sure to check the rental conditions at the time of booking.
When will I have to pay for the rental?
There are different payment options available which are clearly stated in the booking process:

- Prepaid Deposit – Pay an amount now to secure the vehicle and the balance of the car rental booking is taken 7 days before the pick-up date.
- Part Paid – Pay a small deposit at the time of booking to secure the vehicle and pay the balance at the time of pick-up at the car rental desk.
- Pre-Paid – Pay the full amount for the vehicle at the time of booking.
- Post-Paid – Confirm the vehicle without payment.

The balance is paid in full at time of arrival at car rental desk.
Can I book without a credit card?
Yes. When booking online you can use a debit card for the payment. You can also use a card that is not in the same name as the main driver when making payment online.

However, when picking up the rental car the main driver needs to bring a credit card in their own name with enough funds to cover the excess amount. If the main driver cannot present this at the rental desk, the car might not be released. In such cases, no refund will be made. Your rental conditions will outline which credit cards are accepted by the rental agent.

A few rental companies will allow you to rent with a debit card in certain locations. When you make a search for a car online, click the 'important information' button on the option you are interested in. In the 'Payment' section under 'Debit and Credit Card Information', you can see if the rental company will allow you to use a debit card for pick-up. If it does not specify that debit cards are accepted, you will not be able to rent without a credit card in the main driver's name.
What do I need to pick up the car?
In the great majority of cases, the following needs to be presented at the rental desk:

- Credit card with enough funds to cover the excess (debit cards usually not accepted).
- A full valid licence held for a minimum of one year (some suppliers require longer, please check your terms and conditions).
- Additional photo ID.
- Your booking voucher.
- Any other documentation specified on your booking voucher.

There can be some differences in documentation required based on where you are renting and which supplier you are renting with. For example, UK customers renting in the UK almost always need to bring proof of address in addition to the above. Make sure to check your rental conditions for your specific rental. All required documentation needs to be in the main driver's name.
Can I change my booking?
Yes, you can change your booking by going to the Manage Booking section of our website. Once logged in, click 'Amend/Update Booking'. Here you can request a name change, add optional extras, change vehicle, dates, times or location, as well as update your flight number.

Changes are based on availability and can be made up to your pick-up time. After the pick-up time has passed, changes will not be possible.

We do not charge an administration fee if you make a change to your booking. However, any changes made are likely to change the price of your booking. Most changes require a rebook where a new booking is created, and prices will depend on the rates and availability at the time of change, rather than what the rates were when the booking was originally made.

We always recommend making any changes as soon as you are aware of them as prices generally go up the closer you get to your pick-up date.

Any funds you have already paid for your car rental will be transferred to the new booking in the rebooking process. You will only be charged or refunded the difference in the price, rather than having to pay the full amount again.
Other questions?
Please Contact Us if you have additional questions.

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